Abba Worlwide Solutions Inc


Abba Worldwide Solutions is committed to the manufacturing industry. That’s why new ideas or process improvements performed in your company that required custom parts, labels, tapes, boxes, ink stamps or new supplies; our professional team is able to push your project. Contact us at 1.866.222.2449


Shredding documents on site or pick up. Make it Safe and Simple, Abba Worldwide Solutions provides secured bins and mobile shredding. Particle sizes by security level from P-2 to P-7. Contact us at 1.866.222.2449


Abba Worldwide solutions provides maintenance services offices cleaning, painting, pressure cleaning, restrooms & cafeterias cleaning, carpet cleaning, scrubbing floors, interior & exterior facility cleaning and gardens. Contact us at 1.866.222.2449


Abba Worldwide Solutions helps you to find the right supplies and services that you need at the lowest price. As a reseller our GPO (Global Purchase Organization) department will provide the best discounts and payment terms. Schools, universities, hospital, medical, military, gas & oil industry, banks, supermarkets, agriculture, etc. Contact us at 1.866.222.2449


If you are looking the best way to reduce or eliminate the down time, Abba Worldwide Solutions has the right team and tools to support you. Contact us at 1.866.222.2449


Protect your assets, Abba Worldwide Solutions provides security system for residential and commercial zone. Contact us at 1.866.222.2449

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