GPO (Procurement)

We are a company performing the purchasing, inventory management and storeroom operations of Maintenance, Pharmacy, R&D, Manufacturing, QA, Warehouse and Office supplies. Our focus is to provide the best value for our clients.

We manage storerooms and purchases in United States from three different locations, Florida, Texas and California. As a reseller, we have covenants with many manufacturers, OEMs, service providers, and distributors.

We achieve price savings for our clients by leveraging our volumes, utilizing manufacturers’ discounts, re-sourcing and cross-matching parts when appropriate, aggregating requisitions to achieve quantity price discounts, identifying productivity improvement opportunities.

Abba Worldwide Solutions job as a partner is to help lower operating costs by reducing inventory, implementing productivity savings, increasing stock availability and optimizing delivery. Our experience in starting up new sites has demonstrated opportunities to achieve cost savings of 20 to 35%.

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