Nilfisk VHW 311

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color: Grey

Brand: Nilfisk


•Extra small footprint.

•Completely hooded for better GMP conformity.

•Continuous duty (24/7).

•Explosionproof ATEX version

•Stainless steel version.

•Absolute filtration version.

•Standard manual filter shaker.

•Container easy to remove and empty.

•Easy to upgrade.

Nilfisk VHW 311

Nilfisk VHW 311 is a full optional industrial vacuum. Completely hooded, it is easy to clean and sanitize. High-end fixed industrial vacuum, for severe pharmaceutical, food, chemical, packaging and OEM needs ideal to be used on process machines (e.g: integrated on the machine or in a technical room).

Designed into compliance with GMP requirements, it is suitable for treating small quantities of dust or trimming materials. The 1,5kW motor ensures high performances and the vacuum meter allows to keep the filtration and vacuuming efficiency under control. It can be quickly upgraded with wheels and handle, so as to become a real mobile industrial vacuum.

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